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How to Tie a Bow Tie


1. Adjust the length of tie so it fits your neck size. You may need to adjust the buttons on tie in order to find the correct length.


2. Lift up the collar of your shirt and place the tie around your neck so the ends of the tie hang down in front. The end on your right should extend about 1 and half inches lower than the end on your left.

3. Bring the long end of the tie across, back behind and over the shorter end, forming a simple knot. This is how the tie will get it tautness around your neck, so you will need to pull the knot snugly to your fit.


4. Fold the shorter end of the tie where the tie shape begins to narrow (the widest point of the shorter end). This will help form the bow. The bow should be in front. Hold the bow horizontally at your neck.

5. Bring the longer end of the tie over and in front of the shorter end of the tie.

6. Next, fold the longer end of the tie where the hourglass shape begins to narrow. This will form a second bow.


7. Bring the second bow under the first bow.

8. Tuck it into the small gap behind the first bow and pull the tie through.

9. Adjust the shape of the two bows until you get the shape you want. You’re finished!