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About Us

Welcome to Whiskey Cotton

I grew up in the South (Georgia, to be exact), and still live here.  Even though I’ve traveled all over the world, being Southern is who and what I am – just like hanging out at the river, sour mash from an oak barrel, and peaches plucked from trees.

That’s why I started this business of Whiskey Cotton. I want to keep Southern style alive and flourishing. Yes, fashion here in the South tends toward the genteel. After all, it’s steeped in tradition formed in the past century or two.

Yet Southern style is far from stuffy. If it were too old-fashioned, it never would have withstood the parade of fads we’ve seen in these parts, from polyester knit leisure suits to pre-bleached, pre-torn jeans (what were all those about?)

Whiskey Cotton offers a modern take on Southern style endurance. Take our bow ties, for instance. My Uncle Ben used to spend what seemed like hours getting his bow tied just right every morning. With Whiskey Cotton bow ties, you make a bow once, and then forget about it. Buttons in the back make it easy to take on and off from the first wearing so that wearing it again is quick and easy.

However, there are some things we refuse to change about Southern style. Unlike other clothiers, we go to great lengths to do everything in our power to give back to our economy that is why our clothes are designed and sewn in the U.S. (we’re picky about that).  We’re gonna keep up that tradition, no matter what.

Please let us know what you think and enjoy.

Yours in all things southern,

Sonny Jones